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Study: Canadian attitudes toward personal data sharing

According to a new study by KPMG, Canadian consumers are among the least trusting in the world regarding their personal data. According to the report, called "Me, my Canadian life, my wallet," approximately 65% of Canadians don't trust any organization to see or hold their personal data, while 31% are unwilling to share their personal data for any reason.

Fifty-four percent of respondents stated they would not trust anyone with their browsing or search history compared to 35% of global respondents, while 52% would not trust anyone with media data compared to 34%, 48% would not trust anyone with their mobile data compared to 31% and 57% would not trust anyone with their social media data compared to 36% globally.

Healthcare providers were most trusted to hold consumer data, with 62% of Canadians expressing trust, followed by banks at 60% trust. Advertising companies were deemed the least trustworthy, with only 15% of respondents willing to entrust data to them. Telecommunications and media companies also ranked low, at 31% and 33% respectively.

"We saw a distinct split in terms of organizations that Canadians trusted and didn't trust," said Katie Bolla, associate principal of customer and digital services for KPMG in Canada. "Most trust healthcare providers and banks, likely because they believe the data they share with these organizations is well protected and provides them a benefit of an enhanced, personalized experience. On the other hand, advertisers, media and telecom were the least trusted by Canadians, largely because people don't see the benefit to them of the data these firms hold. They view the data as being collected for the firm's benefit. Consumers, especially Canadians, expect increased value in exchange for any data they share. We are no longer willing to just hand it over. It is imperative that organizations really target the data that they ask for and provide consumers compelling, relevant and rewarding experiences in exchange."

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