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Soil Conservation Council conducts Soil Your Undies campaign

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada has begun a promotional campaign called "Soil Your Undies," timed to coincide with National Soil Conservation Week. The initiative encourages consumers to bury a pair of cotton undergarments as a way of determining the health of their local soil. According to the organization, if the soil is healthy, the garment should have almost completely deteriorated after two months. Participants are encourages to share their results via social media.

The campaign, first conducted by the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario, is now being operated nationally by the council in association with undergarments brand Stanfield's. The promotion includes a website at <> with step-by-step instructions on conducting the experiment. As part of the effort, the council will bury some underwear at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa that will be unearthed at a later date to reveal the degree of biological activity in the soil.

"What better way to understand the inner workings of our soil than with your own easy-to-do soil science experiment," said SCCC chair Alan Kruszel. "Healthy soil is full of amazing, living organisms. It is what sustains us and is the foundation of a thriving civilization. In order to show just how important healthy soils are to Canadians, the council wants to pique the public's interest with our 'Soil Your Undies' initiative. We hope those who take part will share their experiences and their love for soil with us and their social networks."

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