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Report: Canadian television viewing

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has released additional data from its 2015 Communications Monitoring Report. According to the report, the average time spent watching television in Canada remained approximately stable in 2014 at 27.4 hours per week. Time spent watching conventional television declined slightly last year, but this was accompanied by an increase in online television viewing. Canadians over the age of 18 watched 2.7 hours of television content over the Internet, an increase from 1.9 hours the previous year. Eight percent of respondents reported watching television online exclusively.

Among Anglophones, 26% watched online videos on a tablet in 2014, an increase of six percent over the previous year, while 38% watched video on a smartphone, an increase of 15%. Among Francophones, 25% watched video on a tablet and 27% used a smartphone, an increase of 9% and 11% respectively. The percentage of Canadian households subscribing to cable, satellite or Internet Protocol television services decreased slightly from 83.7%, or 11.8 million households, to 82%, or 11.6 million households.

In 2014, the average time spent listening to radio stations decreased from 19.3 hours per week to 18.8 hours. Twenty-two percent of Canadians streamed online audio from an AM or FM station, while 18% used personalized online music streaming services.

Nationally, there were 663 authorized television services in Canada, comprising 392 Engligh-language services, 84 French-language services and 187 services in other languages. There were 1,107 authorized radio services, comprising 846 in English, 222 in French and 39 in other languages. Total broadcasting revenues in 2014 increased 1.4% to $17.3 billion.

"Canadians have access to a wide array of choices, both traditional and online, for television and radio content," said Jean-Pierre Blais, chairman of the CRTC. "Content made by Canadians is available on all these platforms, and is well-supported by the broadcasting system. We encourage Canadians to use the information in the 2015 Communications Monitoring Report when they take part in public proceedings."

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