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Missing Children's Network conducts awareness initiative

Charitable organization Missing Children's Network recently conducted an awareness initiative in Toronto as part of its "Hope With Every Letter" campaign. The initiative, developed by Lowe Roche, consisted of an installation at The Beverley Hotel featuring approximately 1,000 postage stamps displaying the faces of four missing children. Passers-by were invited to take stamps from the display to use on their own letters. The removal of the stamps revealed a larger image of a fifth missing child. The initiative also includes a website at <> which allows visitors to create personalized stamps depicting missing children.

"The concept really is ingenious, and in line with our mission," said Pina Arcamone, director general of the organization. "We've made a commitment to the families that we work with to use every channel available to us to help them find their loved ones. The postage stamp is so universal, and passes through so many hands each day. It offers a way of paying homage to these children so they will never be forgotten. We were surprised no one had thought to use them in this way before, but more than happy to be the first to innovate in this way."

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