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WestonExpressions debuts Linkett

WestonExpressions of Kitchener, ON has released a new product called Linkett. The product, which is aimed primarily at out-of-home marketers, uses near field communications to add a number of interactive features to a television or digital display. Consumers can interact with such a display using a smartphone to receive coupons, applications or games, or to make purchases. The device also includes sensors intended to gauge a viewer's level of interest, as well as Wi-Fi and 3G communications for receiving new content. "Linkett delivers engaging content to target audiences by turning average televisions into effective marketing engines through our mobile and motion technology," said CEO Douglas Lusted. "This really grabs the attention of consumers in a much more personal way. The ability to create interactivity helps generate a sales funnel similar to online advertising which generates those key metrics like you would see on Google AdWords. However, we are bringing these strategies to the world of digital signage from cost per acquisition right through to impression. Linkett's main use is to give retailers a way to directly connect with their customers and reach immediate return on objectives."

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