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Veeva begins Make Life Brighter campaign

Supplement company Veeva will begin a street campaign called "Make Life Brighter" in Toronto today. Promotional workers will place $5,000 in five-dollar bills around the city's downtown area for passers-by to find. Each bill is marked with the website address <>. Visitors to the site can enter the serial number of the bill to trigger a one-dollar donation to Dixon Hall, a charitable organization based in the Regent Park neghbourhood. The company will donate an additional dollar for each person who marks its Facebook page as "liked." When the finder spends the bill, the next recipient can also visit the website, enter the serial number again, and trigger another donation. The company will donate up to $10,000 to the charity. "Veeva took ten years to formulate and we needed a campaign to capture the spirit of what Veeva stands for and what it does," said company president Alain Roy. "Veeva moderates the brain and body's response to stress, making you more resilient to negative factors and moments that attempt to stress you out. It's amazing to see how much stress Torontonians are exposed to. We're hoping to equate the great feeling of finding money to a more lasting feel good solution that keeps on giving." The promotion was developed by The Brainstorm Group of Toronto.

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